AddShoppers was the first time we could see click and purchase activity based on social actions around CityPASS.
— Alicia Russo, Director of Social Media


With the number of monthly unique visits reaching the population of San Francisco, one of their featured ticket booklet cities, CityPASS needed a way to capitalize on the power of social in large numbers directly on their website. The company only had social sharing via Facebook and Twitter installed on their blog, leaving sharing across their main site as nearly nonexistent. While tracking the number of shares from their blog was possible, they lacked a way to see how many clicks resulted from those shares or how social interaction with customers was related to sales.



AddShoppers provided CityPASS with Smart Sharing Buttons installed across their main website, delivering previously absent social interactions to their large number of unique site visitors each month. This gave CityPASS site visitors an easy-to-use, available solution for creating social conversation about the company. Additionally, the AddShoppers Social Analytics app added a useful layer of analytics from the data collected on CityPASS customer shares. Social Analytics and ROI Tracking created actionable data for CityPASS and provide insight on the shares that create sales and generate the most clicks back to the company’s site.


CityPASS knows that travel ideas often come from interactions that customers have with friends and family, making social integration with the CityPASS website essential to spreading the word about their company. As a result of pairing up with AddShoppers, CityPASS now has Smart Sharing Buttons that make posting directly from their site simple and available for visitors. As a result of this accessibility, customers have increased CityPASS’s exposure across various social channels in addition to Facebook and Twitter. From this increased sharing of CityPASS on social media, the company’s customers are also generating more visitors to their website.


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