The AddShoppers dashboard really gives you insight to user influence and it provides us with everything we need without giving us anything we don’t.
— Jon Condit, Co-Founder of


With news articles making up the majority of content on and over 400,000 monthly unique visitors, their website needed a unique way to harness the power of social. Fans of their website could use shortened URLs to share articles, but the information about how many people were sharing and who was driving the most people back to their website was hard to gather. needed a way to track their site’s presence on social media in order to identify top users and platforms to place at the center of their focus.



Before AddShoppers, was using standard methods such as shortened urls to initiate sharing of their articles across social media. Without a way to easily track how effective this was, it failed to add real value to their site that was worth the time they wasted hunting for beneficial data. AddShoppers was able to replace this dead-end method with our Smart Sharing Buttons. By implementing these buttons on, the site is now able to track the number of times an article is shared, as well as the user who shared it -- no matter the social network. Additionally, Dread Central is able to identify who is getting the most social traction per share.


As Jon Condit, Co-Founder of Dread Central, noted, “on social media, a user is not always a user.” By implementing the AddShoppers Smart Sharing Buttons and Social Analytics Apps, has been able to easily identify it’s most impactful sharers on social media, as well as uncover new opportunities for underutilized social platforms on their website. With this newfound data, Dread Central hopes to create specialized updates of new material on the site to targeted users of their site. By identifying influential users through AddShoppers, is also looking to possibly create a street team that will enhance their social presence and help build relationships with their top fans.


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