AddShoppers has helped get the word out there and create a buzz about our program.
— Elizabeth Alexander, Marketing Executive


The number of unique visitors to The Economist’s GMAT Tutor site each month is almost 20% of the number of total yearly American GMAT test takers. However, The Economist was missing a way to harness the social power of the future test takers that visited their GMAT prep course site each month. Despite having profiles for their GMAT Tutor program on major social media platforms, The Economist had no way of knowing the impact of these accounts or if they were driving traffic, and subsequent sales, to their site. While the company had already tried other social eCommerce solutions, none had given them the information they needed.



AddShoppers provided The Economist with the Social Analytics, ROI Tracking, Smart Sharing Buttons, and Social Rewards apps to fill the missing data gaps of their online prep course. The Economist added the Smart Sharing Buttons to their GMAT course planning and first time session pages in order to gather data on users, including individual information from social media sites and the preferred social platforms used by their customers. The Social Analytics and ROI Tracking Apps sort this data for The Economist, making it actionable information that the company can utilize to focus on platforms that are driving the most revenue and social interaction. Social Rewards also allowed The Economist to give their customers 10% off of their service for sharing their program across a handful of social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Since implementing AddShoppers on their online GMAT prep course, The Economist has been able to generate social buzz about their product by engaging customers with simple, easy-to-use social sharing methods. With a large number of their customers utilizing the 10% off Social Reward, the Economist has managed to grow their social presence and increase awareness of their service through social shares.  Since implementation of these social apps, AddShoppers has helped The Economist realize that over 15% of total site revenue over the last 30 days has come from social media interaction. With AddShoppers, The Economist now has actionable data on social’s impact and the use of social by their customers that the company can employ in different marketing campaigns and special offers in the future.


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