AddShoppers fit the needs right out of the box so when the clients use social it’s nice to see the results right there in the dashboard.
— Robbie Hodge, Internet Marketing Manager


Before AddShoppers, struggled to track the social engagement of customers on their website. The hard-coded sharing buttons that were installed on their site gave no information on the quantity of shares their products were receiving or on the individuals who were doing the sharing. Relying solely on Google Analytics to track referral data, Fairway Styles was looking for any opportunity to get more meaningful data and interaction through social with their customers.



With the profile of their average customer at 35+ years of age with around $100,000 in annual income, social media engagement has been a complex problem for However, Facebook usage has grown amongst all adults over 30 years of age in the last couple of years, making the AddShoppers Facebook Retargeting app a great fit for Fairway Styles to reach their clientele. Through Facebook Retargeting, ads for Fairway Styles are displayed on potential and current customer sidebars on Facebook’s News Feed. Using AddShoppers technology, the ads are automatically optimized to spend more budget on visitors who have shown more purchase intent than a site visitor that leaves within seconds. With the installation of the AddShoppers Smart Sharing Buttons, their company now has a way to track which social media sites their products are being shared to, along with the customer information of who is sharing.


Switching from standard sharing buttons that simply plugged the item name into a customer’s share, the AddShoppers Smart Sharing Buttons created a more user-friendly and detailed experience for cutomers. This created a 500% increase in the usage of the on-site sharing buttons, allowing the customers to create social media conversation about Fairway Styles in an easy, simple fashion. Additionally, Internet Marketing Manager Robbie Hodge noted that the AddShoppers dashboard allows the company to easily see which products are getting the most attention through shares, which increases understanding of customer interests and behavior.


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