The AddShoppers dashboard provides more than just the usual metrics such as shares, clicks and sales, but also pinpoints which products, influencers and networks drive most effective social engagement.
— Sergei Kogut, the Director of Internet Marketing for


Catering to the 30 million Americans with access to Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), needed a way to integrate social with their website to drive engagement and revenue. The company had already tried implementing a few individual sharing buttons on their website, but these standard buttons failed to give meaningful insight about customer behavior. Additionally, the basic information provided by Google Analytics, such as clicks and pageviews, didn’t provide with the tools necessary to track more than just standard usage of social on their site.



Needing to quantify how they measured their social media success, turned to AddShoppers for the Social Analytics, ROI Tracking, Smart Sharing Buttons, and Social Rewards apps. The ease of implementation with their eCommerce platform combined with the customer service provided by AddShoppers enabled to have the AddShoppers apps live on their site in less than a week.

By replacing individual social sharing buttons with the AddShoppers Smart Sharing Buttons, they are now able to capture data on customers who engage with their onsite social across all social networks in one dashboard. The Social Rewards app also allows to reward customers for sharing their products with friends via any preferred social network which increased engagement significantly. Additionally, the Social Analytics and ROI Tracking Apps translate customer and social interaction data into usable information.


FSA Store enhanced their customers’ experiences with AddShoppers by making it as easy as possible to share with one-click widgets and put customers at ease with AddShoppers’s TRUSTe certified privacy policy.  Social sharing buttons were consolidated from several individual buttons for each social network into an all-in-one social sharing method. With simple customizations, added its own voice to the content being shared, creating consistency in the brand image through shares across multiple social platforms. After a successful share customers are also presented with the opportunity to “Like” FSA Store’s Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.  Since implementing AddShoppers, has seen a noticeable 2.5% incremental lift in revenue. With the information accessed through the AddShoppers Apps, has also been able to identify its top influencers, whom the company plans on targeting for a customer loyalty program in the near future.


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