Being able to offer customers an incentive to share what they purchased and the deals they see has been huge revenue factor. We generate over $9,000+ in social revenue weekly from AddShoppers.
— Denise Huynh, Marketing Manager


LostGolfBalls wanted to turn social sharing into a valuable marketing channel. Prior attempts at both building a strong social strategy as well as tracking their results were not working. Before AddShoppers, their method of tracking social mentions, new likes, shares, tweets, etc. was tedious and social network revenue attribution was a nightmare. 



AddShoppers assisted the Lost Golf Balls team in adding/installing our Smart Sharing Buttons to make it easy for their customers to share products and pages on The Social Rewards app was also added giving an incentive for customers to share by offering a 10% off coupon in return for their sharing products. Lost Golf Balls also installed the Discovery Wall, providing customers with real time updates of their trending products.


After integrating AddShoppers, Lost Golf Balls has seen a 9% boost in overall revenue and an increase in the social interaction of their target demographic (the 55+ age group). 1,448 new social shares were generated within the first month alone. Lost Golf Balls is now averaging approximately 12% of their revenue from the influence of social referrals per month. 


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