AddShoppers drove twice the conversions at half the price of another solution we were using.
— Joe Weathers, e-Marketing Specialist at Patriot Depot


Patriot Depot wanted to improve their on-site social sharing while capturing more data about customers and conversions. The site was also lacking a way to track social sharing revenue. In short, the company wanted more meaningful data regarding their social interactions with customers.



AddShoppers integrated a number of different apps to provide Patriot Depot with the data and solutions they desired. Starting with Social Analytics, ROI Tracking and Smart Sharing Buttons, the company gained rich data on their social customers and began tracking the worth of a share.

In order to increase conversions and capture more customer email addresses the Conversion Saver and Social Rewards apps were implemented. Using the Conversation Saver app customers abandoning their cart were incentivised to stay with a special offer provided they share their email address. The Social Rewards app incentivised social sharing by providing customers with a discount after they shared the product on a social network. Purchase Sharing not only increased sharing, but gave the Patriot Depot brand more exposure.

Finally, Patriot Depot implemented the Discovery Wall app on their site to give customers a real-time glimpse of their top trending products. This app helped to increase “time on site” and the average order value of customers.


In just two weeks Patriot Depot saw a 112% increase in conversions, resulting in a 129% increase in revenue compared to the previous solution they were using for site abandonment. During the initial two week trial the company also captured an additional 1,230 customer email address using the AddShoppers Smart Offers App. Finally, ROI Tracking showed Patriot Depot just how much a social share was worth (over $4.50!). And social media visitors had an average order value 30% larger than regular visitors.


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