It fills in all the voids that we otherwise would have had to spend a lot of effort and resources developing ourselves.
— Peter Fougerousse, CEO of Rosenberry Rooms


With 80% of the company’s sales online, Rosenberry Rooms needed a way to actively engage their site visitors in social to increase interactivity and boost sales. Their company was missing a way to efficiently gather and track information about their online customers, leaving powerful data underutilized. The non-comprehensive set of measurements provided solely by Google Analytics left Rosenberry Rooms without a way to grow their customer base using the information gained through their customer’s social interactions. Rosenberry Rooms also needed a way to improve their bounce rate while capturing more emails from site visitors.



AddShoppers provided their company with Smart Sharing Buttons, allowing Rosenberry Rooms to gather information on site visitors and customers. The Social Analytics and ROI Tracking apps added a way for Rosenberry to compile this data into understandable reports on their customers' social behavior. In addition, the Social Rewards app has provided Rosenberry’s customers with incentives for sharing items from the site on social media.

With the installation of the Discovery Wall, Rosenberry Rooms now has an online store feature that gathers customer social shares to provide a wall of real-time trending products. This allows Rosenberry to showcase popular items and drive organic search traffic to their site.

Since Rosenberry Rooms was struggling to collect emails from site visitors, the Conversion Saver app has created a way for the company to gather emails from customers who were about to leave without purchasing. With Smart Retargeting and Facebook Retargeting, the Rosenberry Rooms retargeting budget is spent efficiently by focusing on site visitors who interacted with social features and showed actual purchase intent. This has eliminated wasteful retargeting advertisements shown to site visitors who left within seconds of arriving to


Since implementing our apps throughout their site, Rosenberry Rooms was able to consolidate from multiple marketing companies to the AddShoppers all-in-one platform. While their use of the Discovery Wall to show trending kids furniture has produced an improvement in their SEO ranking, Rosenberry Rooms has also seen a 7% increase in online sales and conversions. With the AddShoppers Conversion Saver, Rosenberry Rooms now collects three times the previous number of emails being added to their list on a daily basis. This increase in collection has created an annual addition of over 30,000 emails to the Rosenberry Rooms database, making it possible for their company’s email marketing initiatives to reach a wider audience than ever before. Since Rosenberry Rooms started using AddShoppers, 15.2% of their company’s revenue can now be attributed to social.


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