Integrate AddShoppers with CScart.

We've worked with thousands of CScart shops.  Get started by signing up or contact us below if you'd like a demo of our platform and to review live examples of how we've helped other CScart store owners grow their revenue with social commerce.

Use our social commerce apps to help improve your CScart store and your revenue.  Apps like CScart Sign In with Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Amazon, etc. and Retargeting on Facebook, Twitter, etc. can be paired together to create a rich social experience for your customers.  

Other apps like social rewards will allow you to setup share for coupon, share to enter a social giveaway contest, or share to get a free gift.  It all starts by enhancing your CScart store with sharing buttons built for product sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (CScart pin button), Wanelo, Polyvore, Email, and many others. 

Enhance your CScart store with these apps:

Grow your CScart revenue with these apps: