E-mail Retargeting® Co-op Trial


Send triggered emails to your anonymous website visitors that you can’t contact today.

Today, if 100 customers visited your website — between your ESP, CRM, and other platforms — you might be able to send a browse abandon or cart abandon email to 4-5 of those site visitors. What about the other 95 visitors? Without AddShoppers your only option is retargeting ads, which continue to get more and more expensive.

With AddShoppers, our system will attempt to match the 95 visitors in real-time against our network of 150M+ monthly profiles and 5,000+ websites. If the visitor leaves your site without signing up for email or buying AND we find a match, AddShoppers will enable a triggered email sequence to help you win back those customers and engage them in a way you can’t today.


Apply for a free 14-day trial.

Unfortunately we can’t run free trials for everyone interested in this product.

Here are a few things to consider before applying:

+ Your website traffic should be over 100,000 monthly uniques visitors.

+ If you’re already running retargeting ads and seeing results, that’s a great indication that you’ll see success with this.

+ Most of your traffic needs to come from the U.S. to have the greatest impact.

+ You’ll need to add our javascript code to your site to activate these campaigns.

+ This is a co-op -- to extract value you have to add value.

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