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Our unified applications increase your Average Revenue Per Visitor by seamlessly turning browsers into buyers and buyers into advocates.

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1,000+ brands worldwide have generated $200,381,215.71 with us.

Identify inluencers, accurately attribute revenue, and more.
  • Shopper Analytics
  • Revenue Attribution
Integrate social infrastructure for more engaging experiences.
  • Smart Sharing Buttons
  • Social Login
  • Trending Wall
  • Purchase Sharing
Take advantage of "word of mouth" marketing opportunities.
  • Refer-a-Friend
  • Social Contests
  • Social Rewards
1:1 messaging at the right time on your site and across the Web.
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Smart Retargeting
  • Facebook Retargeting

Empower your marketing team with agility.

We integrate high-performance marketing automation with personalization and data management — giving your brand a single view of your Shoppers and the tools needed to act in real-time at the best moment.

Our SaaS-based platform is TRUSTe certified, Akamai CDN delivered, and available as a whole or by the individual App.

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Meet Emily.

Emily is a shopper on a journey to find the perfect pair of jeans. Each of your customers explores your brand differently and expects you to tailor your marketing specficially to them.



She uses her favorite search engine to search for “trendy jeans” and sees Silver Jeans in the top fold so she clicks their link.

Apps used

  • Shopper Analytics

Tom Napper, Director of Advertising & Integrated Marketing

"AddShoppers allowed us to better understand who our customers were, what they were interested in and how involved they were with our products and brand."


She’s not sure what she wants so she browses their What’s Trending section.

Apps used

  • Trending Wall

Jerrad Green, Owner

"AddShoppers is an amazing partner and we have recommended you to so many people. Little things like this are what make you stand out above everyone else. Thanks a ton!"


She finds a few pairs she likes and adds them to her wishlist. She really likes one pair in particular and shares it on Facebook to get her friends’ opinions.

The next day, after receiving sufficient peer approval, she notices a Silver Jeans ad following her as as she browses Facebook.

Apps used

  • Sharing Buttons
  • Facebook Retargeting

Christopher Hamze

"Their new sharing buttons averaged $4.45 revenue per share (a user shares then places an order) and $0.27 revenue per click on average (a user clicks on a shared link.)"


Emily clicks the ad and returns to find her wishlist waiting on her. She adds her favorite pair to her cart and notices that shipping is more than she expected. After mulling it over, she decides to search Google for a coupon. Just before she clicks away, she’s presented with a soon-to-expire free shipping offer that she activates immediately.

“Perfect!” she exclaims as she completes her purchase.

Apps used

  • Behavioral Targeting
  • ROI Tracking

Peter Fougerousse, CEO

"It fills in all the voids that we otherwise would have had to spend a lot of effort and resources developing ourselves."


She leaves to check for her order confirmation. At the moment she’s about to close the window, she’s asked to subscribe to Silver’s newsletter to receive updates and special deals. She quickly clicks a button to opt-in and goes back to checking her email.

Apps used

  • Behavioral Targeting

Denise Huynh, Marketing Manager

"Being able to offer customers an incentive to share what they purchased and the deals they see has been huge revenue factor. We generate over $9,000+ in social revenue weekly from AddShoppers."


Emily loves her new pair of jeans so much she lets all of her Facebook friends and Twitter followers know with a few clicks.

Apps used

  • Purchase Sharing

Alicia Russo, Director of Social Media

"AddShoppers was the first time we could see click and purchase activity based on social actions around CityPASS."

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