Installation Guide

1. Social Analytics Installation & ROI Tracking Installation

Install our plugin. Then, go to System > Configuration > AddShoppers, login to your AddShoppers account, and Social Analytics and ROI Tracking will be enabled.

2. Sharing Buttons Installation

Copy and paste this code where you want the sharing buttons to appear.

<div class="share-buttons share-buttons-panel" data-style="medium" data-counter="true" data-oauth="true" data-hover="true" data-promo-callout="left" data-buttons="twitter,facebook,google,email,pinterest"></div>

This will add sharing buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Email, and Pinterest. We can easily change or customize the sharing buttons, just let us know. 

3. Social Login Installation

a. Download this file and upload to your root folder. Change the file extension from ".txt" to ".php".

b. Copy the contents of this page into a static block called "social_login" in Magento. 

c. Call the "social_login" block using this snippet where ever you want the social login buttons to appear:

<?php echo $this->getLayout()->createBlock('cms/block')->setBlockId('social_login')->toHtml(); ?> 

d. For custom social login buttons, add the following onclick attribute to each button so they connect to AddShoppers. Make sure to change "network" to the social network for the button. You can use "facebook", "twitter", "google", "paypal", or "linkedin" (all lowercase).

// Change NETWORK to the social network for the button, either facebook, google, twitter, paypal or linkedin
// Example: onclick="AddShoppersWidget.API.User.sign('facebook');"

4. Discovery Wall Installation

Copy and paste the following code wherever you want a Discovery Wall to appear:

<div id="AddShoppersWall"></div>

To customize your Discovery Wall, go to Apps > Enhance > Discovery Wall > Add in your AddShoppers dashboard and use the General/Data/Item tabs to customize.

5. Purchase Sharing Installation 

On the checkout success page, include this Javascript snippet. Add the information that you want shared out in each variable. 

<script type="text/javascript">
AddShoppersTracking = {
    auto: true,
    header: "",  // Your header text here
    image: "",  // Shared image URL here
    url: "",   // Shared URL here
    name: "",  // Share Title here
    description: ""   // Share description here

6. Social Rewards Installation

A. Go to your Magento admin, at the top select Promotions > Shopping Cart Price Rules

B. Fill out all desired info and be sure to set these 2 options:

  1. Coupon: to specific coupon 
  2. Check the auto generated box

As seen here:

C. On the left go to Manage Coupon Codes.  Set:

  1. Coupon Amount (this is the number of codes to generate, we recommend at least a few thousand depending on traffic). 
  2. Length of the coupon code (this is how long the coupon will be, for example 4 characters would be a code of ABCD)
  3. Code format: We suggest Alphanumeric 
  4. Then click the Generate button

As seen here:

D. You will now see all the codes below. Click the export button to download a CSV file with all the codes.


E. Now, upload this CSV file to your AddShoppers Social Rewards Campaign. In your AddShoppers dashboard, go to Apps > Grow > Social Rewards > Add and enable one-time codes, then upload your CSV.


Any questions? Let us know!