People-Based Marketing

Collaborate with 1,000+ brands to de-anonymize your website traffic and unlock incremental revenue.

1. Identify

De-anonymize your traffic.

The backbone of our platform is our Deterministic Identity graph called ShopperGraph. Unlike other platforms, our graph isn’t licensed from publishers, it’s co-op’d from the brands that opt-in to our network. The result is one of the largest (200mm+ shoppers) in-market data sources.

Once you know who a visitor is, we maintain the integrations into your CRM, ESP, Call Center, and DMP so you can activate campaigns directly inside your current workflows.

We go above and beyond to maintain customer privacy. Our ShopperVault is fully GDPR, privacy, and CAN-spam compliant.


2. Engage

Create marketing agility.

Integrate your data into any other system or leverage our built-in campaign management tools to launch triggered emails, onsite behavioral messaging, dynamic retargeting campaigns, and much more.

Our robust campaign manager allows you to quickly import templates and engage with your customers in real-time to implement 1:1 campaigns that typically require engineering resources and deep integrations.

New Innovation Alert:
Email Retargeting Co-op: Send triggered emails to your anonymous website visitors that aren’t in your CRM/ESP using a fully compliant new process.


3. Learn

Intelligence for marketers.

Go beyond standard channel-based and campaign-based attribution to prevent wasted spend and time. Without a people-based attribution system, you’ll always have duplicate spend and no view of what’s incremental.

Using our proprietary ShopperScore we’ll show you where customers are at in your conversion funnels so you can focus on the right segments.

Our A/B/n testing features allow you to quickly know the content and promotions that work best at each stage of your funnel.


There’s nothing we dislike about AddShoppers. Their team is quick, helpful, and innovative.