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A/B Testing

A/B Testing is a way for businesses to test two different versions of a website to determine which design is most effective at leading the visitor to a conversion goal.

Action Funnel

In the AddShoppers Dashboard, it is the visualization of the social purchase funnel, including Views, Opens, Shares, Clicks, and Sales.

Activity Metrics

The numerical markers or statistics that allow businesses to assess the customer activity on their site or the activity of their employees. Activity Metrics can be used to determine the efficiency and impact of site changes or actions by customers and employees.


Google AdWords is an online advertising service. Companies pay for Google AdWords to place advertisements at the top, bottom, or on the side of Google, or partners of Google, search results. AdWord advertisements can also be shown on sites other than search engines through the partnership of Google’s other advertising components, AdSense or DoubleClick. The placement of these ads is determined by the relevance of the company to the keywords in the search query, or to the keywords that Google determines are applicable to a particular website on which the ads may be shown.


Average Order Value. The sum of generated revenue divided by the total number of orders placed.


Application Programming Interface. It specifies how certain software components are supposed to interact so that everything works together.  


Short for “application”. A self-contained program that performs a certain task. AddShoppers has over 10 apps that provide eCommerce companies with social integrations that grow sales, social media interaction, and conversions.

Assisted Revenue

Revenue in which the customer either shared or was referred from a social source in the last 30 days but didn’t check out on that visit.

Augmented Reality

Refers to the overlay of digital information on physical documents, such as advertisements. Also known as AR, Augmented Reality can be used in marketing by prompting viewers of an advertisement to use their smartphones to gain access to the company’s profile, special deals, or social media profiles.



Business-to-business. A term used to describe marketing efforts of a company trying to secure sales, collaboration, or partnership with another company.


Business-to-consumer. A term used to describe marketing efforts of a company trying to secure sales from individual consumers. In the eCommerce world, social media marketing can be a valuable asset for marketing information about a company’s products sold in their online store.


A secondary conversation taking place online, possibly during a conference or presentation. Social media platforms provide presenters with a way to spark conversation about a topic via backchannel, allowing attendees to share their opinions in real-time.

Beta Testing

For computer software, beta testing is the stage of testing where a subset of the intended target audience (outside of the company) is able to use the product to provide feedback before the product is released commercially.

Bounce rate

Bounce Rate is the percentage of people that visit a website and leave without browsing other pages within the same site.

Brand Advocate

A person or customer who talks favorably about your company or product across social media channels, passing this positive word-of-mouth information to other potential customers.


An email marketing software that offers solutions for driving revenue with targeted email and cross-channel marketing campaigns. AddShoppers seamlessly integrates with Bronto, automatically adding emails collected through the Conversion Saver and other apps to your Bronto account.



Typically refers to an email marketing strategy in which a promotion is sent to a specified group from a company’s email subscription list. With AddShoppers, companies can integrate the information gained through customer shares, Social Login, and the Conversion Saver app with their email marketing software to add to current and future campaigns.


On social media, it’s the process of posting your current location. Check-In features can be used for in-store promotions, loyalty programs, and for creating social interaction with customers and their networks.


Content Management System. Allows website content collaboration and editing in a centralized system.

Conversion Rate

The percentage of people who click on your advertisements and then act in a way that adds value to your company, such as purchasing an item from your store or subscribing to your company’s newsletter.

Conversion Saver

This app is your answer to customers who leave your store without ordering. Present customers with unique offers upon entrance, abandon or exit to help increase conversion rates while capturing more customers. 


Cookies are delicious, edible round things that are best served with milk. They’re also tiny files that are saved on people’s computers and used to track a customer’s clicks, preferences, and other online actions.


Cost-per-acquisition. It’s the amount of money you spend per conversion.


Customer Relationship Manager/Management. CRM is a system that organizes and tracks a company’s interactions with current and potential customers.


Related to Crowdsourcing. The process of raising capital for a new project by soliciting and marketing a large group of online sponsors, donors, and investors.


Related to Crowdfunding. The process of obtaining money or work from a large group/crowd of people, mostly done online.



A dashboard, such as the AddShoppers dashboard, is typically a central location within a program that houses and displays key information for the program’s user.

Deep Link

A link that takes you directly to a page on a website other than the site’s home page. An example of a deep link would be one that takes you to the AddShoppers case study on Rosenberry Rooms

Discovery Wall

This AddShoppers app makes it easy to add a wall of your most shared or most recently shared products to anywhere on your site. The app will help increase 'time on site' and boost Average Order value.


Direct Message. It’s a message sent privately between two users on a social network.


A unique name that is used to identify an online source or website.



Short for Electronic Commerce. It’s the trading and purchasing of products or services online.


An algorithm developed by Facebook that dictates the content and location of the content on users’ New Feeds.

Email Marketing

A way for marketers to target a selected group of people and send them information or special deals in the attempt to create, keep, or recover customers.


E-Commerce Service Provider. A provider that allows companies to create an e-commerce platform to sell goods or services on their website. 


Facebook Retargeting

An AddShoppers app that will help bring back lost customers with a powerful Facebook retargeting campaign. By utilizing your social data, you remarketing budget is automatically optimized towards users who showed more intent while on site and are more likely to purchase. 

FB Own

Facebook Own. An eCommerce-specific Facebook Open Graph button that allows shoppers to go beyond Likes to share products that they own.

FB Want

Facebook Want. An eCommerce-specific Facebook Open Graph button that allows shoppers to go beyond Likes to share products that they want to purchase.


A category or organizational tag that is applied to items in a database. A large group of items with a common attribute can be easily located using filters, making tasks such as targeting a subset of your customers for a specific marketing campaign possible.


An online discussion board where members can post and create conversations about the site, company, or product. Businesses can utilize forums by interacting with the posts of customers and reviewing suggestions to improve their products.


A payment structure where users can get the basic software or product for free, but must pay a subscription fee to access more advanced tools or features.



A coding mechanism that creates the storage of location within an image.


A social networking service created by Google. Google account holders can add friends, acquaintances, co-workers, etc. to different “circles” in their network. Businesses can also utilize Google+ to create a company profile and attract customers to “follow” the profile for activity updates and information.



An online program created by Google that allows individuals with Google accounts to create group conferences of up to 10 people with communication via text, photos, and video chat. 


Mostly known for its use on Twitter, the hashtag (#) is a way for users to tag their posts and to allow others to find posts that have also included a certain hashtag. Trending hashtags can help users find out the latest news about a topic and they have also been implemented on other social media sites such as Facebook. #hashtag



In the social e-commerce world, an “influencer” is someone who creates new customers or page views for a company by getting valuable clicks on their social media shares.


Also known as Information Graphics. The representation of information and data using images for improved visual aesthetics and easier digestion of statistics. Here’s an example of an infographic about social sharing revenue from the AddShoppers Blog!





Kaboodle is a social commerce site that allows users to collect and share products through personal styleboards, blogs, and product lists. It is one of the social networking sites supported by AddShoppers and can be integrated with Smart Sharing Buttons. User interaction, such as creating polls or blog posts for giving and receiving fashion advice, enables Kaboodle to create a unique shopping experience that integrates social with eCommerce.


A website and mobile app that uses social media analytics to establish social media influence and rank its users. Customer Klout scores are displayed within the AddShoppers Dashboard to help eCommerce stores identify their top influencers and where to focus specific marketing efforts.


Landing Page

The page that viewers are directed to upon clicking an advertisement, text link, etc. The AddShoppers Apps page is the landing page for this link.

Last Click

AKA Last Click Attribution. A person who came from a social source and then checked out. Used to help identify where to focus marketing efforts, it’s a process in which the last click of a customer is given the credit for the sale.


A strategy used by marketers that involves careful wording of Tweets, article titles, and other social media posts so that viewers are “baited” into clicking on the posted link and subsequently visiting the company’s promoted site.


A social networking site that is used to make business connections and follow companies for current information. The AddShoppers Smart Sharing Buttons allow users to share and post on LinkedIn directly from your eCommerce site.


A digital marketing platform that provides omnichannel solutions for retailers. Listrak is one of several platforms that can be easily integrated with AddShoppers.



A type of blogging that allows users to send brief text updates or micro media, such as photos or audio clips, and publish them. The most popular microblogging platform is Twitter.


When your Twitter handle is included in a tweet. Your handle will appear in the tweet following the "@" symbol.


Meta elements are HTML or XHTML used to provide structured metadata about a webpage, and can be used to specify page description, keywords and any other metadata not provided through other head elements and attributes. 


Native Integration

Native integration means that a program or code can be integrated within a device so that it automatically runs in the background to perform tasks and collect data.


Open Graph

A technology that allows web developers to turn basic web pages into “rich objects”, allowing the sites to gather data about visitors and their actions on the page.


Opt-in is a term applied to communication that requires customers to input an email address or personal information that registers them for a company’s mass email list. Opt-out is the option for customers to stop receiving these forms of communication from a company, such as an “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of a newsletter.

Organic Search

An organic search is when the search results only display sites most relevant to the keywords searched excluding advertisements for websites paying to be displayed in the results for certain keywords.



Used by Google Search, it’s an algorithm that ranks websites in search engine results. Improving a company’s PageRank may be included in marketing efforts and is related to SEO.


Pay-per-click is an internet advertising model in which a company pays an advertising publisher a specified fee per click on ad links that direct viewers to the company’s website.


Permanent URLs to individual blog posts. They can be used to direct site visitors to posts that may no longer be on the front page of a company’s blog.


Pinterest is an image-based social networking site that gives users the option of “pinning” pictures to different boards to keep ideas, wanted products, and designs organized. Pinterest is one of the social networks that is integrated with the AddShoppers Smart Sharing Buttons. With Pinterest, AddShoppers can also create a Discovery Wall for a company. Discovery Walls can aggregate a company’s most pinned items so customers can see (and purchase) the company’s trending products in a centralized location. To see a Discovery Wall in action, head over to the Rosenberry Rooms website right here.


Also referred to as “extensions” or “add-ons”. Enhancements that can be added to a program or piece of software.


Polyvore is a social commerce site for products related to fashion, design, and style. It is one of the supported AddShoppers social networking sites that can be useful for clothing and design companies trying to reach a wide audience. The circulation of a company’s product on Polyvore can generate popularity, create company inclusion in the latest fashion trends, and increase brand awareness. Ultimately, Polyvore is able to increase a company’s sales because images on the site can link directly to the original fashion retailer’s eCommerce shop, allowing users to quickly purchase the item.


Point of Sale. The location at which an item is purchased. Tracking POS is important for inventory organization of companies that have both an e-commerce platform and a brick-and-mortar store.

Product Schema

HTML tags add to the website coding that allows product metadata to display such as the price, stock status, reviews and more. The product schema allows AddShoppers widgets, Google and other third party plugins to pull the product data. 


In eCommerce, prospecting is related to sales and is the search for new customers online.

Purchase Intent

In e-commerce, it’s the probability that a website visitor will make a purchase before leaving. This can be determined through tracking of the visitor’s time spent on the site, mouse location on the screen, number of pages viewed, etc.

Purchase Sharing

An AddShoppers app that makes it easy for customers to share their recent order with friends. This is when most sharing takes place and the Purchase Sharing pop-up takes advantage of that. 


QR Code

Quick Response Code. A two-dimensional code that is intended to be scanned by a smartphone. It usually links to a company’s website, product coupon, or an advertisement.


An online query is a request for information from a database. For example, clicking the “Blog” link from the AddShoppers.com “Resources” dropdown menu can be classified as a query because the database presents users with a list from which they can choose to select and access information.



The portion of your targeted audience that is accessed through social media, marketing, and advertising.


Encourage loyal customers to refer their friends and family by launching a customer Refer-a-Friend campaign. Using AddShoppers referral marketing software your customers will drive more customers via word of mouth in no time. 

Referral Traffic

The visitors that land on your website through referral, or seeing your site on a related platform, post, or recommendation from someone in their social network.


The process of allocating advertising space towards people who have previously visited your website, related websites, or have shown interest in your company. It attempts to bring these people back to your site to make purchases. AddShoppers offers Smart Retargeting, which allocates appropriate amounts of money towards customers who have shown purchase intent, creating an efficient use of a retargeting budget.

Rich Snippets

A preview that highlights structured data embedded in web pages. This give users a convenient summary of information on the web page. 


Return On Investment. The value gained from dedicating money or resources to a product.

ROI Tracking

Our patent-pending social network tracking app helps you understand the value of social actions to your store. Using this app you can measure the value of a "Like," Tweet, Pin and more.



The online recording and streaming of a computer screen through video. A screencast can be useful for companies that are trying to complete a demo about their online platform with a potential customer.


Software Development Kit. Typically a set of tools used to create applications for a certain software program or package.


Segmentation is an important aspect of email marketing. It divides customers and site visitors into different categories (based on age, gender, buying history, on-site actions, etc.) so that different promotions and information may be sent to these segments.


Search Engine Marketing. A type of online marketing that involves positioning a website at the forefront of relevant search results to improve the company’s visibility and marketing reach.


Search Engine Optimization. A process of making a website more visible across search engines in organic search results. Improved visibility in search results can add valuable customers to a company.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

The act of leaving a shopping cart on an e-commerce store without purchasing the collected items.

Smart Retargeting

An AddShoppers app that will help bring back lost customers with a powerful display retargeting campaign. By utilizing your social data, you remarketing budget is automatically optimized towards users who showed more intent while on site and are more likely to purchase. 

Smart Sharing Buttons

AddShoppers Smart Social Media Sharing Buttons make it easy to increase your traffic and sales from social referrals. These buttons are what will give you the most from our Social Analytics and ROI Tracking apps.

Smart Offers

With this app your site becomes a dynamic, personalized sales engine showing the right offer to the right person at the right time. Smart Offer triggers can include entrance, Conversion Saver, close, a dynamic top bar or a different customization.  


Social Media Optimization. The use of various social media platforms to increase brand awareness and to create conversation about a company.  

Social Analytics 

The basis of all AddShoppers apps. Understand your shop's performance by tracking all the social network activity with one piece of easy to install javascript code.

Social Login

AddShoppers's Social Shopper Login was purpose built for merchants to help easily identify influencers and enable one-click sharing with our Smart Sharing Buttons. 

Social Rewards

An app that helps increase customer engagement by rewarding certain social actions. Our app encourages customer sharing by rewarding them with a coupon in return. 

Social Tagging

User-generated tags on social media that help users find and create discussion on a certain topic. Related to “hashtag”.

Social Traffic

Social Traffic is the group of website visitors that come from referrals via social media platforms. It’s the people who go to your company’s site because they clicked on the link shared by someone they follow on Twitter, etc.


StumbleUpon is a website discovery engine that curtails content based on the personal interests of its users. It is one of the social networking sites supported by AddShoppers and can be integrated with Smart Sharing Buttons.


Third-Party Extension

An extension that is not provided by the software or program you are using. For example, an add-on for Google Chrome that is not provided by the Google Chrome Web Store is a third-party extension.


A conversation trail on social media, forums, or e-mail.


Trending can describe a topic or phrase that has been mentioned across a social media platform many times in a certain time period. For example, Twitter uses a trending page to list the hashtags and keywords that have recently been tweeted in mass quantities.


Tumblr is a social networking and microblogging site owned by Yahoo. It is one of the social networking sites supported by AddShoppers and can be integrated with Smart Sharing Buttons. With images as a large part of items “reblogged” by users, eCommerce stores can integrate social by posting images of products with purchase links to a company Tumblr account or by having Tumblr users reblog images and posts about their products.  

Twitter Handle

A twitter handle is your twitter username, starting with the “@” symbol.

Twitter Retargeting

An AddShoppers app that will help bring back lost customers with a powerful Twitter retargeting campaign. By utilizing your social data, you remarketing budget is automatically optimized towards users who showed more intent while on site and are more likely to purchase. 



User Interface. The space in which customers interact with a company’s site or technology.


“Uniques”/Unique Visitors are the number of distinct individuals who view a page on your website.


Userscripts are pieces of code that add or remove features to the site being visited.

User-Generated Content

UGC refers to the information created through customer/user interaction with a site, often through the use of social media platforms or forums.



Short for Video Blog. A blog that has posts primarily in video form.



Wanelo is a social network dedicated to eCommerce shopping and creating a social mall for its users. Wanelo is one of the social networks that is integrated with the AddShoppers Smart Sharing Buttons. With thousands of stores with products on Wanelo, the website and its mobile app are important for retailers that want to promote their brand through social media word-of-mouth and sell products through eCommerce.

Web Analytics

The collection, measurement, and analysis of data from web use. Web analytics are extremely useful for companies trying to gain insight into customer online behavior. The AddShoppers Social Analytics app helps eCommerce merchants understand their shop’s performance by tracking all the social activity with one piece of javascript code.


Webinar is the term used to refer to a web conferencing event that involves a “host” and multiple viewers. These can be used to demo a product or create a conference for a company’s customers to gain helpful tips on product use. AddShoppers has hosted a number of webinars on the power of social integrations with eCommerce stores.


Widgets are small applications that can perform limited tasks. They’re often placed on websites or within computer programs to separate and organize different actions or categories of information.


An online social shopping service that allows users to place any product found online into a wish list or gift registry. Wishpot is one of the social media platforms that can be included in the AddShoppers Smart Sharing Buttons and tracked in order to identify sources and influencers that are driving sales for your eCommerce store.



Extensive Hypertext Markup Language. A markup language that has the same depth of expression as HTML, but also follows XML syntax.


Extensible Markup Language. A markup language that defines a set of rules for coding that is both human-readable and machine-readable. 



Google owned site where users can upload, view and share video clips. It is a good platform for placing how to guides, testimonials and information about your products and services.