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Methodology behind this unique data

What technology are we using to pull this data?

We get this data from our own On-site Commerce Marketing Platform (OMP) modules:  Shoppers Analytics + Revenue Attribution

How does our platform pull this data?

Our Shopper Analytics javascript code sits on every page of a merchant's website.

Our Revenue Attribution code pulls in conversion data directly from a merchant's "Checkout Success" page.

How do we make sure we have the best data possible?

Our data is NOT combined/modeled with toolbar data, data from any other source, or any other inaccurate method of tracking.  All data is our own.

It's collected anonymously and in aggregate from thousands of retailers utilizing the AddShoppers OMP.

We include Last Click (came from social source or shared then checked out in same session) and Assisted (within last 30 days) revenue attribution.


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