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Elizabeth Alexander
Marketing Manager,

"The Economist has managed to grow their social presence and increase awareness of their service through social shares. Since implementation of these social apps, AddShoppers has helped The Economist realize that over 15% of total site revenue over the last 30 days has come from social media interaction."

Peter Fougerousse

"It fills in all the voids that we otherwise would have had to spend a lot of effort and resources developing ourselves."

We offer everything you need to have success with on-site marketing plus we back you up with amazing support, optimization, and platform installation.

The AddShoppers all-in-one on-site marketing platform is powering social applications on over 10,000 websites worldwide, generating millions of dollars in incremental revenue every month.

What we have that Social Annex doesn't:

  • A global platform, meaning no restrictions
  • Robust ROI Tracking 
  • Easy deployment and integrations
  • Smart Retargeting since money is too important to waste
  • More happy customers (over 9,500 more!)

Schedule a demo with us today so we can help you compare our solution and see if it's a good fit for your business.

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